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Pop over to the commercial section of a property developers website and you will often be greeted by nothing but CAD drawings or very basic 3D models to exhibit a development that is under construction. ALTrincham VISualisation wants to change this.


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The levels of detail and techniques that are employed for residential property developments can also be implemented on commercial developments. If you are constructing a multi-million pound development you may as well make it look as impressive as possible.


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Architectural visualisation techniques not only help market commercial property developments but specific versions of them can assist with the planning process, potentially saving thousands on the overall project cost. Accurate Visual Representations take surveyor information, combine it with specialist visualisation methods to output a CGI view of the commercial development that is accurate when referenced against surrounding buildings and local landmarks.


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Many of our commercial property clients approach ALT VIS to generate initial 3D visualisations of a proposed development for bidding purposes. Once their bid is successful we revisit the project to develop it further and create a more refined set of visualisations for marketing purposes.



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